Posterior Direct Restorations - Contacts, Complications, Cosmetics and Occlusion

When:  Sep 17, 2020 from 2:30 PM to 8:30 PM (PT)
Associated with  Harbor Dental Society

This CE course is fundamental for the proper placement of posterior composites with no post-operative complications.

CE Topic: Posterior Director Restorations - Contacts, Complications, Cosmetics and Occlusion

CE Speaker: Todd C. Snyder, DDS, AAACD CE Date/time:  Note Date Change: Sept. 17, 2020,  2:30pm to 9pm

Simplify your practice with the placement of direct restorations. The emphasis of this course is unlike any other course on direct restorative materials in that it looks at complications and addresses them before they happen. This course will discuss treatment planning and diagnosing for proper materials and placement of direct vs. indirectly fabricated restorations. Learn steps for posterior direct composites that can be taken prior to ever treating the patient to avoid postoperative complications. Never have a loose contact between teeth again by knowing what types of matrices are available and when to use them. Learn how to place restorations with no sensitivity. See how to restore teeth with minimal to no adjustment of the restoration. Find out how to treat patients with symptomatic restorations effortlessly. Learn how to use glass ionomers in difficult areas.  Numerous pieces of information will be provided to eliminate any and all issues you might be having with composite restoratives so that you can place them without any problems.

Topics to Include:

• Diagnostic Tools

• Preparation Designs

• Bonding agents

• Tight contacts and the use of various matrices.

• Eliminate sensitivity with the use of different types of materials.

• Composite placement to minimize or eliminate adjustments.


The Centre at Sycamore Plaza
5000 Clark
Lakewood, CA 90712