Dental MBA Business Series: The Art of War - Reducing Time Spent on Insurance Administration Featuri

When:  Feb 19, 2019 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PT)
Associated with  Orange County Dental Society


The Art of War by General Sun Tzu is a must read for business and sports strategists. In learning how to better deal with insurance carriers, I have no doubt that the industry has engaged in the most impressive “war like” strategy against dental offices. This course will teach offices how they can employ some of the same tactics insurance carriers use against them in an effort to  reduce  insurance administration.

This course will cover the following objectives: 

  • The power of pre-authorizations
  • California law indicates insurance carriers cannot deny pre-authorized treatment
  • How to effectively appeal denied claims
  • Engaging the Insurance Commissioner in free legal advocacy against illegal insurance activity
  • Reviewing PPO contracts and negotiating fees
  • How each of the above activities contributes towards keeping insurance on their toes - abusing you less

About the Speaker

Benjamin Tuinei, Owner of Veritas Dental Resources

3rd party payor negotiating, more specifically Dental Insurance Fee Negotiations, is still a foreign concept to dentists nationwide. Mr. Tuinei has spent the last 10 years improving and perfecting this relatively new effort for over 5,000 dentists nationwide. He will be sharing a few secrets about how to effectively negotiate better fees with dental insurance companies in this exciting lecture.

Mr. Tuinei is going on his 19th year as a professional public speaker. He is a PPO Expert writer for Dental Economics and is featured on nearly all major dental podcasts worldwide. He is considered the Authority on 3rd Party Payor Negotiations by over 200 Dental Associations Nationwide.



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