Tweaked, Cracked and Loaded: A Profile of the Addicted Dental Patient and 2021 Harbor Installation

When:  Dec 3, 2020 from 4:30 PM to 10:00 PM (PT)
Associated with  Harbor Dental Society

Harbor's Annual Meeting, CE Program, Installation of Officers for 2021 and Incoming President Hooman Adamous, DMD with a Holiday Party to celebrate new Harbor Life Members, Staff Appreciation, Harbor Past Presidents with Prizes and Toys for Tots Drive

CE Topic: Tweaked, Cracked and Loaded: A Profile of the Addicted Dental Patient

CE Speaker: Dr. Ronni Brown-Kimbrew 
Core: 3 CEU
CE Date/Time: Dec 3, 2020 4:30pm-10pm

Have you ever felt that your patient’s substance abuse was the elephant in the room? Are you afraid to discuss your suspicions due to your own discomfort or fear of insulting your patient?

Drug abuse is at an epidemic level with approximately 1 out of every 10 Americans addicted to illegal and prescribed stimulants, depressants and opioids. Dental professionals must be prepared to address substance abuse with their patients that are “tweaked”, “cracked” and “loaded”. Learn who is most at risk for addiction and understand the genetic and environmental risk factors for addiction. With more than 20 years treating “meth mouth” and publishing research, Dr. Ronni Brown understands the behavioral and clinical challenges that the dental team faces when treating the addicted patient. These patients can be treated successfully and the dental team can play a pivotal role in changing the direction of these patient’s lives. Discover the “clues” of addiction on a health history form and on a clinical exam. Learn evidence-based guidelines for managing dental pain without resorting to opiate-based analgesics and feel confident in dealing with “drug-seeking” or “under the influence” patients in your practice. Learn how to initiate conversations with your patients about their substance abuse and help them get on a road that will lead to recovery.

Learning Objectives:

-Identify the drugs patients are most likely to abuse '
-Discover the oral, physical and behavioral clues of substance abuse
-Explore the realities of addiction and how to discuss substance abuse with patients
-Discover the dos and don’ts of treating substance abusers safely, effectively and with confidence
-Learn evidence-based practices for managing dental pain without using addictive analgesics
-Learn how not to fall prey to patients who are “drug-seeking”
Dec 3 2020 CE Program and Harbor Installation


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