• Fake Membership Invoices

    We have recently become aware that about 100 members in one state received fake membership invoices. Members received a fake email that instructed them to ignore the legitimate emailed invoice and instead wire funds to pay for their membership dues. The good news is that only one member is known to have paid the fake invoice. The state is looking into pursuing this as a criminal matter. We are not aware of any problems like this in our state, but wanted to warn you about this problem in case it happens here. If you think you have received an email like this, please contact OCDS staff.  

    • (Where applicable) Consider signing up for auto renew and installment payments, this helps to avoid the issue.
    • If an invoice looks odd to you (misspellings, misuse of words, poor grammar, poor formatting, etc.), by all means give us a call to check on it before paying
    • We will never ask you to wire us funds to pay for membership
    • Teach your dental team to be on the lookout for “phishing emails”. There are some good tips and links to other resources here.