• Deadline July 14, 2020: Don’t Be In Violation Of The Clean Water Act

    The Environmental Protection Agency’s Dental Office Point Source Category, effective July 14, 2017, requires Dental facilities without amalgam separators to install amalgam separators and submit a One-Time Compliance Report to the local control authority by July 14, 2020 (some exceptions apply). Brand new practices must immediately comply with the amalgam separator requirement, and practices with amalgam separators installed on June 14, 2017 have until June 14, 2027 to change their separators.

    Dental offices in central and north Orange County may download the Compliance Report forms and obtain additional information on complying with this regulation at (click the “Dental Office Point Source Category” link under the Businesses tab), or by contacting Merrill Seiler at the Orange County Sanitation District (714-593-7436 or Refer to the EPA’s Frequently Asked Questions on the Dental Office Category Rule for more information.