Dental MBA Business Series - The Financial Integrity of Quality Dentistry featuring Benjamin Tuinei

Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PT

Doctors will be more successful in helping patients to move forward with the treatment they need if they employ proven techniques on how to work with insurance companies in the best interest of the patient and the practice. Sometimes the use of these skills determines whether a patient commits to starting treatment or decides to "wait and think about it". Attend this session and receive tips and tools you can use on an immediate basis to receive the full insurance reimbursements to which you are entitled.

  • 7 proven and effective steps in negotiating better PPO rates (for PPO participating doctors)
  • The history and future of dental insurance
  • Negotiating tips for the solo and group practice
  • Maximizing your leverage in negotiating
  • How to get to the right executive to negotiate
  • Should you participate and if so how do you make it profitable
  • How to handle downgrades and alternative benefits
  • Managing better reimbursements for complex or challenging cases
  • Non-covered services such as dental implants, dentures, etc.
  • Tips on avoiding common billing pitfalls
  • Place a premium implant and use that custom abutment without eating the cost

Dinner will be served

No CE Credits

About the Speaker

Third party payor negotiating, more specifically Dental Insurance Fee Negotiation, is still a foreign concept to dentists nationwide. Mr. Tuinei has spent the last 10 years improving and perfecting this relatively new effort for over 5,000 dentists nationwide. He will be sharing a few secrets about how to effectively negotiate better fees with dental insurance companies in this exciting lecture. 

Mr. Tuinei is going on his 19th year as a professional public speaker. 

He is a PPO expert writer for Dental Economics and is featured on nearly all major dental podcasts worldwide. He is considered the authority on third party payor negotiations by over 200 dental associations nationwide.


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